About - TC Cottrell Photo

I was born in Kentucky and entered the Air Force as a pilot after graduation from college. I traveled around the world until leaving the Air Force and joining a multinational company with interests in Europe and the Middle East. As a photographer I’ve been blessed, especially recently, with travels to places not normally available to a normal traveler.

My passion as a photographer began in my youth with a microscope and a small film camera.  By removing the lens and holding the opening against the microscope eyepiece I was able to capture remarkable results and achieved my first recognition as a photographer by placing first in the photography category in a local Rotary Club science show.

During college I set up a home darkroom so I could develop my own negatives and produce black and white enlargements.  I'll never forget the thrill of watching the first pictures slowly appear in the developing tray.  Next came a better quality 35mm film camera and 35mm slides, first in black and white and later in color.   The slide phase lasted for many years and unfortunately little remains but memories because I used poor methods for storage and made bad choices of processing facilities thus the slides have all but faded into oblivion.

With my first computer I discovered the world of digital photography. A point-and-shoot digital camera went with me on my first trip to the Middle East and I was hooked on the incredible world of digital photography.  Digital processing opened up new horizons allowing me to create results only dreamed of a few years ago. I don’t mean replacing backgrounds or significantly altering images – I simply will not do that. I’m talking about using digital filters, cropping, and occasionally removing a blemish or small distraction that could not be avoided.

My first passion as a photographer has always been the unusual so it was inevitable that wildlife photography and the world of macro would fill many of my free hours.  Truthfully, I simply love capturing virtually everything around me as I marvel over the day-to-day sights wherever I go - an otter peeking out of a wetland marsh, a Cardinal fighting with itself in a mirror, a mountain stream, an abandoned building, an old piece of farm machinery, or an insect crawling on a log or flower.

I also find infrared and high dynamic range photography both interesting and rewarding.  Infrared photography with a modified camera sensor produces surrealistic results and a fish-eye or extra wide angle lens provides a unique look at the world of “stuff” – perhaps better placed in the art category, but nonetheless I love the results.

Please browse my site often as I find and add new treasures. I’d welcome feedback because it is through the observations of others that we grow as photographers. If you add my work to your collection I’d love to know how you incorporated it into your home or office.

You can reach me at tccottrell@earthlink.net